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About MoonLife Investment

Moonlife Investment is a leading international financial services provider that helps people make their decisions easier and lives better. With our global headquarters in Ontario, Canada, and With over 50 years in the financial market, We provide financial advice and insurance, operating across Canada, Asia, Europe, and United States. Through Moonlife Investment Management, the global brand for our global wealth and asset management segment, we serve individuals, institutions, and retirement plans for members worldwide. Following the creation of Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency a decentralized digital currency that can be easily transferred from one person to the other across the globe, through Blockchain technology; it's increased growth and adaption all across the world. Moonlife investment with their enthusiasm for financial growth and maintaining customer growth at all times, we diversify our resources in it. With over $10 billion in Bitcoin investment and other crypto assets, we are one of the leading cryptocurrency trading/investments companies across the globe.

Moonlife Investment as a financial asset management company strives on financial securities such as stocks, bonds, forex, real estate, and cryptocurrency(Bitcoin). It is an investment platform made so that traders with little or no experience can maintain real-life daily profits from their trades which are guaranteed at all times. And also helps professional traders with an opportunity to diversify their portfolio in the market with an opportunity to make even greater profits.

This is the best trading platform in Canada with investors and crypto enthusiasts all around the globe. With our team of professional and expert analysts, we adjust an automated strategy to thrive in the financial market to meet up with the Investment goals of our clients. It is a perfect investment opportunity for investors looking for life insurance and who also want to earn in the crypto world, where you can invest and be guaranteed your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly percentage return.

It is a safe and reliable platform that enables you to invest your funds in a lot of crypto projects, NFT, Crypto mining, Metaverse, etc. And In turn, we generate a well-calculated ROI that is best suitable for our clients. With suitable investment plans that help you make both short and long-term profits. Moonlife investment offers the best obtainable return in the market more than any cryptocurrency exchange or insurance company across the globe. With a daily percentage of profits of up to 15% depending on your investment plan. Notwithstanding the bonus and bounty to be won.

Moonlife investment encourages progressiveness and community growth. With an affiliate level marketing that gives a referral bonus for inviting new members using your referral link. We offer up to 5 levels of referral programs 10%-7%-5%-3%-1% And that's the best part of it. Not only will you earn from your investments, but you also earn from the investments of people that registered under you.

We encourage swift Payment, Which you can always withdraw your fund at the end of every trade and have your money sent to your external wallet instantly. Our main aim is to help investors minimize losses and maximize their profits. Our professional and experienced financial advisors will help you meet your investment goal and grow at a good pace.

Every day you face decisions about your future – decisions about education, healthcare, investing, or planning for retirement. At Moonlife, we’re committed to helping you through these important life moments. It’s about giving you the confidence to make the right decisions so you can spend time on the people and things that matter.

More investment options. More opportunities to grow.

Get access to crypto assets, protocols, hedge funds, crypto companies, and more to stay diversified and ready to take advantage of a wider range of investment opportunities.


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Our Vision and Mission

  • V

    To create alternative investment opportunities for individuals who want to attain financial stability and build wealth.

  • M

    Using our intrinsic value-based investment philosophy to providing investment products and services that offer investors a better way to invest

What We Do

Select Assets

We carefully select financial assets and their instruments, which have a high record of performance, and great future prospects. We then offer these assets to investors.

Trade Assets

We have a team of seasoned traders and market analysts who handle trades on behalf of our investors. Our traders combine analysis from artificial intelligence with human experise.

Manage Assets

We manage these trades on behalf of our investors, provide guidance to them on how to reinvest or plan for future financial security, and generally how to achieve their wealth goals.

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MoonLife Investment

Commission-free trades are everywhere. Smarter investors are here.

Powerful, intuitive platforms for every kind of investor

More investment options. More opportunities to grow.

Knowledgeable support when you need it

Multiple Products

MoonLife Investment provides access to over 74 investment classes. We offer both individual and corporate services with vast growth opportunities./p>

Advanced Technology

Dynamic trading tools, extensive IT infrastructure make MoonLife Investment a powerful industry leader. We are self-made, which means flexible.

Expert Teams

MoonLife Investment team is made up of more than 50 IT and finance specialists, each contributing their own expertise to provide the highest quality of service available.

AI Security

Our security and privacy systems are powered by artificial intelligence, and are designed to detect and disarm any form of threat to our investors funds and assets.

Investment Knowledge

MoonLife Investment provides investors with knowledge about investments and about how they can take advantage of the financial industry freely, as part of our values.

24/7 Live Support

We also provide a 24/7 live support service to all our investors on our platforms. Our support team is always happy to help with any need you might have.

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We have investment advisors on ground, ready to call you and offer financial advice to you. Request a free call today.

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